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Mission Statement

We are responding to the call and command of Jesus to “Go and preach the gospel” among the nations.  This powerful gospel must be preached in all the world among all kindreds, tongues, people, and nations for a witness to Jesus before the end comes.

We are privileged to be part of a team of laborers that are working together to reach the abundant harvest that is prophetically expected in these last days.

Our vision, hope, and expectation is to see multitudes of people from all over the world in heaven worshiping Jesus forever, that have been reached with this life-changing gospel of Jesus. We are thankful to be ambassadors of the gospel, bearing the name of the Lord, and bringing glory to Him to the uttermost parts of the earth.

(strategies for the extended future …)

Fulfillment of prophetic call and missions mandate – We pray to see many thousands of churches established among the islands and nations. We expect to see a multiplication of churches for the glory of God! We expect to see abundant fruit multiplied, and that which remains until Jesus comes.

In the Philippines
We expect to see increased unity among the churches and mission organizations working as a team to reach and preserve the great harvest. This can be expedited and accomplished through people uniting in fervent, faith-filled prayer, persistently interceding and working toward this goal, that the Philippines truly become a godly nation.

We hope to see as complete saturation of the approx. 7,000+ islands in the Philippines as possible, with the gospel. We want to actively participate in helping reach as many of the unreached tribal peoples as possible, as well as the many poor, unreached fisherman villages scattered throughout the islands that are sometimes overlooked in the  statistics due to lack of tribal identity

The Philippines and Beyond
We desire to encourage Filipino churches sending forth workers especially into other Asian countries, to plant churches and extend the kingdom – as well as in other parts of the world…

* We want to continue to develop realistic and on-going short range as well as long range goals, through networking and united efforts together in the body of Christ, so that over a period of time the  fruit of this ministry effort touches every tribe, tongue, people and nation on earth.  This is to be done through participating in prayerful endeavors, and the many doors of opportunity the Lord provides as channels and means to share the gospel. These will range from one on one contacts, to electronic transmission of the message through internet and other media that reaches to other places in the world.  It will be accomplished by raising up godly leaders and workers that are prepared to also multiply other laborers in the spiritual harvest fields. We pray to be part of God’s great plan as His glory fills the earth, even as the waters cover the sea…

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