Worship ministry workshop

Hello Everyone, this is Joben from the Philippines. I would like to share some exciting news about what has been happening here in the church in Tarlac City.

God Always Teaches New Things

A few weeks ago Charity and I had a Worship Ministry Workshop for some of the youth who wanted to learn how to play musical instruments and involve themselves in the music ministry. It was an amazing experience because at first, I thought I would be just sharing what I’ve learned and what I’ve been doing in the worship ministry throughout the years, but what I realized is that when you’re in God’s ministry, God always teaches you new things. God also reminded me of the real meaning of praise and worship which really helped me to teach.

They Really Wanted To Learn

Charity and I taught the students how to play the piano and the guitar. We had  2 weeks of hard work, commitment, patience, and FUN. And it was so amazing to see how much they really wanted to learn and be used by God through music. And last week the students had the chance to play for our youth service and they did great.

Please Pray For More

Keep praying that God will raise up more musicians for the different churches here in the Philippines. God bless.

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