2 more pray to receive the Lord!

It is exciting to see people sincerely pray to receive the Lord!

Assurance Of Eternal Life

An elderly man who lives near the church in Moriones, who is brother to one of the first men who accepted the Lord in that vicinity a number of years ago, also wanted to accept the precious gift of salvation this week. It was a delightful time, as he seemed to come to understand that based on the truth of God’s Word, he now has assurance of eternal life through Jesus!

Glory! We rejoice!

Right Then And There

A young man became interested in understanding more about the Bible after hearing the gospel shared at funeral services we held for his father this week.

The day following his father’s burial, he met with us at a restaurant where we had the privilege of sharing the gospel message with him more clearly. He wanted to pray to receive the Lord right then and there, and after praying he was so grateful. He wants to get together with us again and learn more… He attended our young adults gathering tonight, where he gave a special testimony before the group, appreciating salvation and publicly giving thanks…

Hallelujah! What a joy to see the powerful, transforming gospel at work in people’s lives, drawing them to Jesus!

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