73 year old man and son receive Jesus!

An old man that sells eggs here in our neighborhood came to our “Harvest Celebration” last Sunday for his first time, along with his eldest son who is a retired military man.

He Wanted To Hear More About Jesus

When we were buying eggs from him today, he told me that he and his son wanted to come over this morning and hear more about Jesus! That is a major breakthrough!

I have been talking to him about coming in and talking over and over again, but he generally puts me off. This time he is the one that initiated it, and asked if they could come over and talk… Glory to God!

When they came to our house, we had a wonderful talk together, and they both wanted to pray to accept Jesus and come to assurance of eternal life through Him. He realizes he is old already, and was eager, ready, and willing today to accept Jesus gift of eternal life. He seemed delighted with the truth that Jesus has given it to him!  He says he wants to come to the Sunday service again next Sunday – HALLELUJAH! He told us he plans to come not just at our starting time, but an hour early!

May the Lord help his 10 children, and 30+ grandchildren as well as great-grandchildren to follow his good example in days to come…

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