EGR’s (Encounter God Retreats)

There have been many exciting testimonies of life-transforming impact at our EGR’s, for which we give the Lord praise!

Truly Encountered Jesus

At our recent one a few weeks ago, one man was saying he felt born again, and that he had truly encountered Jesus (although he has already been serving the Lord now for several years).

Heaviness Of Heart Being Lifted

Others testified to being lightened, and heaviness of heart being lifted.

The Lord Spoke

One man sensed the Lord speaking to him very lovingly and clearly, and was so broken he could hardly speak to testify…

Exciting Events

These are joyful and exciting events, where cleansing, deliverance, and healing takes place in many lives! Glory to Jesus!

In an EGR earlier this year one young man accepted the Lord and testified that previously he had a cigarette in hand, and now he has a Bible! He began attending our LFH Training Center this week! Hallelujah!

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