Prayer with former neighbor for salvation!

A lady who used to live next door to us moved away a number of months ago, but came to our house this evening, and met with our assistant and I for some counseling help, in the midst of her many needs.

How Do You Receive Jesus?

As we shared with her about Jesus, and our need for receiving Him as our Savior, she asked, ‘How do you receive Jesus?”. It was our joyful privilege to assist her in praying to invite Jesus to be her personal Lord and Savior!

She seemed very happy as she along with her 2 of her boys (one is a newborn) left, this evening.  She still is in need of a lot of assistance to break some of her lifestyle habits, and continue with her commitment, but God is able!

Leaving With A Bible

She seems to have genuinely and sincerely taken the major step of inviting Jesus to be the Lord of her life. It was exciting to see her leave with Bible in hand, and with a commitment to read it…

May the Lord continue to be merciful, and faithfully help her! Our God is an awesome God, and able to transform lives! Hallelujah!

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