Tire goes flat, after…!

A few days ago, after getting back from a trip to Manila late the previous evening, I discovered the next morning that the car we had used on our trip had a flat tire.  We were all reminded of the Lord’s faithfulness in response to our prayers.  It seemed rather miraculous to us! Here’s why…
I knew that one of our back tires was failing, and needed to be replaced, but in the midst of the spin of activity around here, I didn’t get it done before needing to leave for Manila to pick up Colleen and Charity at the airport.  On the way there, the car was vibrating and shaking because of the bad tire.  However, obviously, it was a difficult time to stop and replace it.  It was late at night, and I didn’t want to keep them waiting to be picked up at the airport, so I prayed to the Lord to help the bad tire hold up for the trip. I thankfully made it to the airport safely and in time, without a blow-out.  Coming home from the airport, once again we needed the Lord’s help to make it back. We went slower than normal speed to keep it from vibrating the car so bad, and hoped for the best. We made it home safely… PTL!

However, when we discovered the flat tire the next morning, we were all praising the Lord that it had not happened on the trip (the round trip probably took around 5-6 hrs.) Today I put air into it, and by the time I got to the tire shop to replace it, it was already half flat again. When the tire was pulled off, there were several holes in it, one of the torn portions was really quite big.

As we examined the tire that held up in such poor condition for so many miles, we were totally amazed! Our car coming back from Manila was loaded with heavy baggage, besides 4 people. As we looked on the inner wall of the tire, we saw how flimsy and bulgy it was on inner part opposite where the big hole was as I just pressed some weight by hand on the tire!

Just imagine how it must have been with a load… Maybe you can understand now why we considered it such a miraculous provision and answer to prayer.  It held up to get us home, then went flat! I needed to totally replace the tire today because it was in such poor condition.  I didn’t throw it away yet, but brought it back to show the family how blessed we were the other night, in the dark, when we were so tired out, and getting home late…

The Lord was so merciful! Thank you, Jesus!!!

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