BTTI newsletter – Fall update – Oct 2010

Bridge to the Islands & Nations Ministries Inc.

Fall Update October 2010


          Dear Family and Friends:


  • Praise the Lord! Blessed be the Lord who does wondrous things… let the whole earth be filled with His glory! Amen! Bless the Lord O my soul, and all that is within me! I will bless the Lord at all times!

We recently had a wonderful visit to the States where we had the privilege of re-connecting with a number of you who are our faithful teammates in the ministry. We do not take partnership relationships with you for granted, but continue to give the Lord thanks for you, and for the assistance given by so many of you over the years!


  •  Family News- It was great to have all the family together again. They are all a blessing to us. We are happy to announce Charity’s engagement  to Joben Baluyut . After their March wedding they plan to continue working with us in the mission ministry.  Teresa is enjoying attending Oral Roberts University. Lance and Anna have another

son, Declan Brave McGinnis. (not shown in the picture) 8 lbs 2 oz., a wonderful bundle of joy and potential for the kingdom of God.  I love the meaning of his name “Man of prayer/goodness/kindness” – named after an Irish missionary. I love to think of all of our grandchildren as “Mighty Missionaries” in the making… It is such a joy to see the mercy of God and his progressive purposes at work, from generation to generation!


  • Testimonies! As I reflect over some of the events this year, I give the Lord praise for His faithful blessings on our mission efforts. Some highlights include –


  • Visits of friends/relatives/ministers – Phil & Judy Jaquith, Missionaries from Mexico were with us earlier this year for an outstanding time of encouraging, faith-building, and vision promoting ministry. John Krause, Rick May and Margret Messerer’s visit from Lutheran Church of the Master was a great blessing!  Pauline & Christine Anderson from Portland also came and ministered for several weeks. We appreciate so much the loving interest and reinforcement extended!


  • Love, Faith, and Hope Training Center continues, helping train workers for the harvest. We had a fruitful mission to the Polilio Islands with the students in March, followed by a LFH graduation ceremony in April. Some of the students are becoming interested to serve the Lord with one year practicum involvement following graduation.


  • EGR’S – Encounter God Retreat’s this year, have had life-impacting results.  One young man who accepted the Lord at the EGR is now attending LFH Training Center, preparing for ministry! Many others were blessed and strengthened. Hallelujah!
  • Ministers/Workers – We praise God for Filipino teammates who are faithful, maturing ministers, willing to respond to the pastoral call! We are anticipating a special ordination service in the near future.


  • Church planting – We anticipate new fellowship groups being planted in nearby areas this year. There are several places that are specific, prayerful targets, including a strategic city to the north, Baguio City.


  • Polilio Islands – Ministries continue in the Polilio Islands, where the Lord has blessed us with a mission base on one of the beaches there. We are trusting that it will be a strategic place for greater penetration of the gospel in that area.


  • Facilitation Need- We still do not have a permanent location site here in Tarlac City, and consequently have to rent three facilities as well as our house. We desperately need a good sized building where we can meet on Sundays, Wednesdays for the youth, Fridays for the young adults, and during the week for the LFH training school. As our ministry expands we are trusting God for a building that will meet all of the needs.  We would appreciate your prayers and also any special financial support you would like to contribute to this facility need.


  • Vision / Heartbeat – We believe that the Lord has called and ordained that we be ambassadors of the gospel among the nations. We are not just called to one place, but to many places, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to the lost and hopeless… What a joyful privilege we have! We are not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, it is the power of God unto salvation.(Rom. 1:16) We hope to see multitudes of people worshiping Jesus forever because of our efforts together! Thank you to all who have been willing to partner with us!  We look forward to seeing great things accomplished for God’s glory… “those that know the Lord will be strong and do exploits.(Dan. 11:32)


With Loving Appreciation, Dan Jaquith





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