“_SW” Update

For those of you following the story of  “_SW” (especially in “Come walk with me… 2 Tarlac City”) here is a current report… Please pray for her! She is having a struggle!

We have encountered some major difficulties. In consideration of her desperate situation, we allowed her and her children to come live at our office, temporarily… for the last 4 weeks or so, providing food, lodging, and a safe, sheltered environment to help her pursue a new way of living.

Recently, when away on the trip to Polillio Islands, I heard reports about her that needed immediate attention when I got back, as some things have not been going well around here. We needed to assist her to move out today, as well as spend around 1 ½ hours with her parents, explaining some of the difficulties, and praying with them. A lot depends on her personal choices. We have encouraged her in making wise decisions, living in the fear of God, and living a new lifestyle.

In the midst of it all, Jesus is our “glory and the lifter of our head!” Glory to Him who sits on the throne, Lord of hosts, and Conquering King..!

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