Amazing goat tithing testimony!

Recently one of our BTTI workers shared an amazing testimony.  He has a livelihood project reproducing goats. He got a goat, and decided that he was going to give the first-fruits back to the Lord, when birthing time came. Since goats often bear twins, he decided that he would give one of the baby goats to the BTTI Tarlac City fellowship, and the other one to the BTTI Moriones fellowship group. After doing so, the next time his goat gave birth, guess what… she gave birth to 4 goats instead of 2 (it is very rare for goats to bear quadruplets – it’s almost unheard of).

So, he didn’t really lose anything at all… he gave the first-fruits to the Lord, and the Lord gave them back to him in one birthing cycle! Glory to God!

The Lord faithfully performs His Word, and blesses those who are obedient to give him the first-fruits!

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