Thanksgiving turkey!

We were blessed with a turkey here for our Thanksgiving meal! Amazing! There was only one in the big supermarket store here at SM! We looked for another one high n low, but that’s the only one we found in town.  Praise God! We had invited people here for Thanksgiving expecting – wasn’t the Lord good to have one there for us?! A butterball, US turkey – no less… Glory!

That reminds me of another special Thanksgiving turkey story from a number of years ago. We had just moved to Lucena City, Philippines with our family, and it was our first Thanksgiving there. We had invited some American missionary guests from Manila to come to celebrate Thanksgiving with us.

Operation Finding Turkey

The day before Thanksgiving, we still did not know where to find a turkey for the meal. I gathered the family in our bedroom that evening, and we prayed for the miraculous provision of a turkey. One of my little daughters exclaimed that if the Lord provided us a turkey, it would be the most special Thanksgiving ever! 🙂 Well, the next morning, I took some of our family with me in our car, and went out to search for a turkey, knowing that faith without works is dead.  We need to put action to our faith.

The Lord’s Provision

Not seeing any turkeys along the roadways, I was impressed to go to one of the restaurants in town and ask one of our friends there if she knew where we could find a turkey.  Even though she was not there, we were able to reach her by phone.  When she found out what we were looking for, she exclaimed that she had one, and that we could just have it!! She had needed a turkey for a party, and picked up several (buy one, take one free). So, she had an extra one just sitting there in her freezer, and wanted to give it to us! So, she had it delivered to the restaurant, and a short time later, we walked out with a turkey (a nice big, U.S. turkey that had price on it of  $25-30 or so, gotten many miles away at Subic Bay) that was freely given to us.

I will never forget the joy and excitement of our family as I arrived back home with several of our children, and with turkey in hand for Colleen to prepare for our Thanksgiving meal.  I can still picture her in amazement and surprise, standing at our sink, joyfully preparing the turkey, praising God at times with hands uplifted… We had gotten the turkey home in time for her to cook it for our meal,  barely in time to prepare it before our guests arrived, who were expecting an American Thanksgiving, and of course, we needed a turkey!

The Creator Of Turkeys

The Lord, who makes turkeys, knew exactly what we needed and when, and faithfully answered our prayer! What an unforgettable blessing!

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