New year’s day spiritual battle!

We were involved in a major spiritual battle today…!

One of the youth who comes sometimes to our Sunday services and youth group activities needed some special prayer assistance. Reportedly he came in contact with a witch, and possibly witchcraft influence this last week.

We Continued To Pray

As we went to visit him, and anoint him with oil, and pray, he was acting very abnormal – shouting and screaming, rolling on the floor, convulsing and foaming at the mouth, eyes rolling, and they said he hadn’t slept for around 4 days or so, etc… We continued to pray for him, and use spiritual weapons of warfare against demonic strongholds, and casting out demons, for quite some time.  In the process of it all, his father – who was not yet a Christian – wanted to pray to receive the Lord, HALLELUJAH!

Spiritual Cleansing

Their family also wanted prayer for spiritual cleansing in their home, and were willing to confess, renounce, and ask forgiveness for involvement with witchcraft and evil activities. We are believing for complete, total victory in this battle against demonic powers and the evils of darkness in Jesus name! Our focus is on Jesus, our Savior and Deliverer! Jesus is greater, the name of the Lord is more powerful, and the blood of Jesus provides for healing, cleansing, deliverance, and the provision for every need! Glory to God!

The Word declares that Jesus was manifested to destroy the works of the devil! May it be done, in Jesus name!


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