Facility needs



For some of you that are wanting to know more about our facility needs, we will share this information for you to prayerfully join with us in seeking the Lord for His faithful provision and promised supply for all of our needs…


            TARLAC CITY, TARLAC – (Very URGENT!)

            Ministry facilities

            Tarlac City is where we are currently living here in the Philippines. It is located on the main island of Luzon, north of Manila several hours. We moved here around 12 years ago.  We are earnestly and fervently praying about our urgent facility needs here in Tarlac City. Over the years, we have checked on so many places, but have not yet had the available finances on hand to secure a permanent base here. Currently, we rent a University facility for our regular Sunday Services. We desperately need a permanent facility that is adequate for our weekly fellowship needs.

             Personal Residence

            When we began renting our personal residence here in Tarlac City around 12 years ago, we tried to negotiate a “lease option to buy” contract, but the owner refused.  There was no other choice but to just rent our home for the time being, until such a time as we would have the finances available to purchase it. At that time, she made the house and double lot that it is situated on available for us to purchase. Since it was an “all or nothing” type scenario, we have just continued to rent our home, looking forward to the time when we can take her up on her offer to sell our home to us for that price. As far as we know, she is still willing to sell it to us for the initial asking price, although the price of property here in our subdivision is much higher now, due to it’s prime location. We are prayerfully hoping to be able to purchase it by the end of this year. The increased value may be able to easily offset our rental payments over the years.              

            NORTE, PATNANUNGAN, (POLILLIO ISLANDS) – (Also urgent!)

            A number of years ago we penetrated Norte on the island of Patnanungan, Polillio Islands.  We showed a Jesus film, and then followed up those that prayed to receive the Lord there with Bible studies, and regular Sunday services. Several years later, we had the opportunity to purchase land nearby that was close to 6 hectors (around 15 acres). It is located on a beautiful beach, and extends inland, with coconuts and undeveloped jungle type area. There were no buildings on the property at the time of purchase. We have been developing this property, and presently have a mission base there that has a fellowship building, restroom facilities, and a livelihood building that is in the process of construction. The livelihood project primarily targets the making of VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil) and other livelihood projects that could help provide jobs and raise the living standard there, as well as help provide needful mission-related resources,

            Although we have made good progress with the livelihood project building, it is still unfinished. We also need a better kitchen and rest house for workers and ministry teams (the one previous one needs to be dismantled and rebuilt due to termite destruction). Our hope is that soon we will be able to construct a more permanent 2 story building that can be suitable for fellowship, leadership training, seminars, and camps and retreats. Since the mission property is already owned there, primarily the cost for the construction and maintenance of the facility is what is needed. Along with that, we envision a pastoral house above on the hill that overlooks the ministry site, as able.


            MORIONES, SAPANG-KURAN – A number of years ago we started an outreach church located approx 40 minutes away from Tarlac City. We have constructed a church building there on donated land.  Nearby, we are prayerfully considering another church site on some land that has been offered to us for donation, as well.


            BALANTI, TARLAC CITY – Across the river, for a number of years we have had outreaches to a more remote part of Tarlac City, where at times we drive through a dry river bed filled with volcanic ash, or during rainy times we travel there by boat. Although we have regular services there, we do not have a facility yet. We currently have meetings in the barangay (community) hall.


            BAGUIO – We are prayerfully looking to the Lord regarding the extension of our ministry efforts in Baguio City. Over the years we have had some Bible Studies and outreaches there, but nothing permanent. This would involve facilitation needs for developments there.

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