Healing / Salvation testimony

I heard an exciting testimony recently about a man who lives in one of our outreach areas that is interested in having a new Bible study regularly in his home.  The Lord has miraculously healed him from a prolonged physical malady that he has struggled with for a long time in response to prayer! He has also prayed to receive Jesus as Savior! Hallelujah!

Now he is very excited about the gospel and hungry to know more…He also says that he wants his whole family to experience the truth that he has found, and is urging them to get involved as well. Hopefully, it will help ignite fresh interest and increased spiritual momentum in that community, for God’s glory! For around 15 years he associated with a religious cult that didn’t encourage him to even read the Bible, so he has been in spiritual darkness concerning the true gospel message – but now he sees the light, and seems to be very excited about it!

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