Another mission trip to Polilio islands

It was another incredible trip to our mission base in Polillio Islands…


We experienced some special outpouring of revival and times of refreshing, and it was wonderful (people getting saved, filled with the Spirit, healing testimonies, etc..).

Amazing Reception and Openness

Day before we left we were able to minister in several High Schools and elementary school (approx.500 students + teachers) with amazing reception and openness – distributing Bibles, Bible reading schedules, and lifting up Jesus – Savior of the World. Exciting!

We had some wonderful services in 5 locations on Sunday. In the last one, Sunday night, quite a number of youth and children had gathered… It was amazing to see them with hands raised, whole-heartedly praising the Lord, some of the little children with tears in their eyes speaking in tongues and being filled with the Spirit… for a long time! Our last meeting probably didn’t end till after 9 p.m. – after a long day, and long hikes (into the night over slick, steep jungle trails and through rice fields with limited light)…

It was really fun!

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