Healing testimonies

We’ve heard a number of healing testimonies recently.

Unable to See Clearly

One man was sitting in one of our men’s meetings, unable to see the whiteboard clearly to take notes. After a time of prayer at the end of the meeting, he opened his eyes and could see clearly, and immediately gave a testimony of praise, as well as in the Sunday service the following day. Also back problems, arthritis pain difficulties, a severe headache gone… all glory to God our Savior and Healer!

The Man That Was Dying

A few weeks ago, one of the women in our fellowship came to one of our Sunday services all excited. That morning, there was a man in her neighborhood that apparently was dying. He hadn’t eaten or drunk much, if anything, for around 3 days – and the family thought he was dying. He was listless, and needed to be carried. Apparently, she had never led anyone to the Lord before, but she shared with him about Jesus, and he wanted to pray to receive the Lord. After she prayed with him, and for him, she was so amazed as the color came back into his face and he revived! Later that morning, when she went back to his home to check on him – the man had already gotten up, dressed, and was getting into a tricycle to go visit some relatives! The gospel truly is powerful!

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