“Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake…!” In the middle of the night last week, one night we were awakened to the awful sound of a crash outside. Upon investigation, we found that someone had smashed one of the windows on our car with a big rock! The next morning, as I took our car to the glass shop for a window replacement, I was prompted to “take joyfully the spoiling of our good” and “rejoice” in the midst of persecution, and determined to pray for and bless our persecutors – no curse allowed…!

The Opportunity

As our car was repaired, and Colleen and I picked it up later that day, it led to an amazing opportunity for us to witness to the shop owner. She had just been released from the hospital due to some physical difficulties within the last few days. She seems to have never prayed to receive the Lord, or to have assurance of salvation – and is showing genuine interest to hear more about Him! She says that she plans to attend our Home Bible study this week!

Glory, glory Hallelujah…! “All things work together for good…!” If someone receives Jesus in the midst of it all, what’s a car window?!

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