Miraculous healings

Woman’s Tears of Joy

A few weeks ago some of our mission team prayed for a woman who had a huge bump and swollen place on her wrist. Apparently, she was in a lot of pain and had been troubled with this problem for years. Immediately after praying, the swelling and bump disappeared – and the lady with tears of joy, was willing to pray to receive the Lord! Glory to God!

The Man’s Great Joy

Yesterday morning, I talked with a man in the street in front of our house, as he was collecting morsels of garbage (plastic, or whatever to sell to the junk shop for survival) – and he was complaining of a severe headache.

He came to our Sunday service. As we had special prayer for him, he said that the pain disappeared and he was ok! Glory to God! He has had problems with epilepsy in the past and was fearful of another seizure… The Lord seemed to give a special touch of healing that brought great joy to him, as well as the rest of us! We give the Lord praise!

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