“Our heart, our desire, is to see the nations worship!”

I had kind of a unique experience early yesterday morning. Shortly before the alarm went off at 5 a.m. to make preparations for our Sunday service here in Tarlac City, Philippines I had a special dream. I will spare you most of the details, but I was asked to go in front of a large gathering of people (some kind of a conference?) with a specific assignment that was not even related to praise and worship. When I got to the pulpit, about all I could think of was the song “Our heart, our desire…” and I was impressed to sing it. So, in my dream that’s the first thing I did – I obediently just began to sing it (with no instrumentation/acapella) – regardless of the consequences. The congregation worshipfully joined in with me, and then I led out in prayer for the nations, and it was quite the dream… There’s more to it, but shortly thereafter I woke up and lay there pondering it, as my alarm sounded the beginning of a special new day.

Let’s Sing It

If you want to also be inspired and blessed with this song of prayer for the nations, go to this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__jnSx9ZXWs. It is around a 6 min. video clip of Don Moen and Ron Kenoly singing it together.

It’s powerful! May the glory of the Lord continue to rise and shine upon/through His people in these last days! Hallelujah!

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