Polilio building project

We are making good progress with our building project, and give the Lord praise for His merciful help and protection with one of our workers. While pouring a bucket of cement into one of the deep building post holes, he stepped on a wooden brace which broke and gave way. As the cement bucket flew out of his hands, he found himself dangling about halfway down into the hole, surrounded by dirt and rebar and tie wire. As we recovered him out of the hole, he laughingly said something like, “bet you couldn’t do that” and went back to work with only a few minor scratches to show for it!

We’re so thankful he didn’t break his neck, or get a tie wire poke in the eye, or have something dreadful happen! It kinda shook him up!

Yesterday I heard that this same 18-year-old young man (son of our construction supervisor) was led to pray to receive the Lord, by another worker, and now is asking for a list of Christian songs to start listening to. He seems appreciative and sincere! Glory to God!

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