Text from Dan after waking up around 3:30 am

At the moment I’m here at the dock with all the baggage, waiting for a truck to come. It went to Tapol, who knows when it will be back. The flatboat can’t go to Norte because of the weather…strong wind and big waves. The flatboat couldn’t make it out to the big boat on the 1st attempt, and had to turn around. Made it there 2nd attempt but it was quite a challenge to unload from the big boat to the flatboat with both of them violently bobbing at different rhythms and heights. Shortly after the flatboat had hit the big boat with one bobbing up and the other on the down-swing and supplies and baggage finally transferred, it was my turn… how was I supposed to transfer? They said, “jump”, so after some moments of doubtful wonderment I tried to gauge what was the best moment –(kinda like jumping rope) and made the leap. I obviously lived to tell about it. PTL! It was quite the spectacle for cheers and laughter I must say! Glad I didn’t end up in the water or I might have been hoping for a big fish, or felt like a fish, or needed to get fished or something! Kinda tired I must say. It’s dark now and the truck still is not here. I’m gonna just leave the stuff with Bro. Bhadz to watch for awhile and go lay down. Love, Dan

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