Bible studies with neighbors

Recently there was an open door for Colleen to assist some nearby neighbors with desperate counseling needs. They were greatly helped, and also wanted to pray to accept the Lord and have Bible studies. They have had regular Bible studies now for a while and even joined us for our Thanksgiving celebration a few weeks ago, here in our home.

Yesterday, one of them brought her boyfriend to our house to hear more about the gospel, and he wanted to pray to receive the Lord, also!

This morning the mother and her 2 college age daughters attended our Sunday morning worship service for the first time, here in Tarlac City. As they were leaving after the service, the mother said they wanted to continue to attend the services, even if we aren’t here (away on a trip). Hallelujah! Not only were they at church this morning, but we joined them for a special meal and Bible study in their home this evening as well. It was a wonderful time together!

We rejoice in the power of the gospel at work in peoples lives. It really is the power of God unto salvation – bringing hope, help, healing, and deliverance! Glory to Jesus!

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