Near death healing

Recently a man in our Moriones fellowship became deathly ill, and was hospitalized for a time. His critical condition was diagnosed as Pneumonia as well as Tuberculosis. He was extremely weak with a loss of appetite, and at times he said it felt as if he was dying…

His Faith

In the midst of it all, he maintained a strong faith in the Lord’s healing power and ability to help him as we cried out to the Lord with him and the family to spare his life, and bring healing.

The last few weeks he has been able to return home, although still very weak. Gradually his appetite has returned, and now he is able to walk. Yesterday, after our men’s meeting some of the men went with me to his home to visit him, and we rejoiced to see him continuing to gain strength. He was even expressing desire to come to our fellowship time there at the church today. He did come join with us in the church service today! He walked there and back from his house, as well as sat through around a 1 1/2 hr service – and seems to be doing fine (although obviously still very weak)!

We give the Lord praise for answers to prayer!!!

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