Air-conditioner repair

One of the men in our church works on air-conditioners. As he was assisting in a repair, a 110V unit was accidently plugged into 220V current, and it was damaged. The owner was irate and held him responsible to pay for damages (which were projected to be around ₱8,000) – even threatening to take him before the barangay (neighborhood) court to extract it from him, somehow.

Being very poor, and unable to pay that much money and meet their demands – he was crying out to the Lord for help and wisdom for what to do. Carrying some passengers one day in his tricycle, he heard them talking about a good electrical technician here in our town, that had helped them repair some of their electronic equipment. He decided to go to him and check it out and found that the problem was able to be easily and inexpensively solved. It only cost him ₱150 for the repair, and when he returned the unit, the owner even gladly paid him ₱500 to have it back in good working condition.

PTL! The Lord faithfully answers prayer in our times of need in such amazing ways…

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