Hallelujah! Neighbor joyfully receives Jesus this evening!

WOW! I just got in this evening from a very exciting Bible Study! More than a dozen of us met in the resident pastor’s home in one of our outreach areas for one of the regular mid-week fellowship and Bible study times. It was outdoors, in a front porch area adjoining the house. Suddenly, a neighbor woman appeared from out of the surrounding darkness – crying intensely and disruptively, with tears streaming down her face. As she clutched her little child, and rather hysterically began sharing some of her desperate need, it was a wonderful opportunity for us to share with her the loving comfort, and peace of Jesus…

As we prayed for her, she very noticeably calmed down, and was willing to continue with us for the rest of our time together, while one after another of those that had gathered shared about the amazing changes that Jesus has brought to their life, personally, and the true joy of being a Christian. When we asked her if she wanted to hear more about Jesus, and how to become a Christian, she seemed very interested. As we continued to share the gospel with her, she wanted to pray to receive the Jesus as Savior and Lord right there on the spot! Glory, glory, hallelujah! I probably will never forget the radiant and happy smile of appreciation she beamed at me, following that time of prayer! She left obviously very different than when she came! Our resident pastor followed her to her house after the meeting, to continue to minister to their personal family needs. We were all so amazed, and full of joy! It seemed that we had just witnessed another miraculous answer to prayer, as the Lord drew another precious soul to himself in such a wonderful and unique way, right before our eyes! All glory to Jesus!

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