Quick updates

We  had a great early morning men’s meeting, a gathering of men from several congregations. Topic: “Mighty Men are Bold Witnesses!” I wish all of you could have heard the men singing and shouting “Be bold, be strong for the Lord your God is with you…!” Colleen said she could hear it all the way to our house, which is a number of houses away from where we met.


Following the meeting, I took several of the men to a music store to get helpful training with our P.A. equip. The trainer there has been getting more interested in talkng about the Lord over time, and now showing interest in attending  our Sunday church service when able. He wants to get together for lunch with all 3 of us next Saturday! PTL!

Following that  one of our pastors and I made visitation contacts with several we are reaching out to. One of them is the manager of the ACE Hardware store at a big mall here. He expressed interest to have lunch with us. The soonest time available seemed to be Mon. afternoon, Nov.19th. He is very eager to hear more about the Lord.


We had a very encouraging pre-marital counseling follow-up session. Some important preliminary planning and reception adjustments are being made that will help their upcoming wedding be more glorifying to the Lord, and we rejoice!

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