One turkey left

Wow! I had some amazing and exciting opportunities to share the gospel today! Glory, glory hallelujah! This afternoon I met with the manager from Ace Hardware during his lunch break. He was so interested, and excited to meet with me. Several of his manager friends from other  branch locations have already received the Lord, and he has seen such a big change in their life! He wanted that to happen to him!  As we walked through the mall to the find food, he said that he wasn’t that interested in physical food – He wanted spiritual food! He told me that he had attended and graduated from a Catholic Seminary for 6 years , but walked away from it, seldom attending church and almost losing his faith. He has no day off work right now, so was asking if we would be willing to have a Bible study at 9:30 p.m.  I told him – sure…  (why not?) He was so appreciative of the Purpose Driven Life books and Bible that I gave him and his wife. Before he went back to work, he put his new Bible to his lips and kissed it! The most exciting part of our time came after sharing the gospel, during the last 5 minutes of our time together he so sincerely unashamedly prayed to receive the Lord, right there in the restaurant. He was so happy! He got a big smile, and said he felt light. He said that he wasn’t accustomed to praying sincere prayers from his heart, like that.  He kept smiling and smiling, and seemed self-conscious about it, even trying to cover his mouth some with his hand… It was totally amazing! He said he was going to make more time for this, and wants to get back together again this week, hopefully. He kept saying that I was the door for him. I told him, “no, Jesus is the door,” and that I only have a little part in helping introduce him to Jesus.  Very exciting! Thank you Jesus!

Planting seed

I visited another owner/manager at another hardware store in town today as well. I took him the Bible that he had asked for. I picked up some common nails for our church building project we needed, as well. He was trying to just give me the nails because I brought him a Bible. I insisted to pay for them, but he discounted them almost half  price anyway. When I showed him the New Test portion, and marked it for him to start reading there, he commented that was a long way from Genesis  Come to think about it, that is quite a jump start!

Follow up

 I visited the man at the car repair shop who will be restoring our wrecked car. (Our parked car was hit and totaled by an armored vehicle that was going too fast and went out of control, over a year ago.) In the process of these  unexpected and uncalled for events, he and his wife have prayed to receive the Lord. He tells me that they will be coming here to our home to join with us for our Thanksgiving meal, this week. PTL!


I stopped by the supermarket to see if I could find a turkey. We already had invited guests for an American Thanksgiving meal, so I was hopeful… And, guess what? The supermarket of our biggest mall in town had 1 left! I got the last one they had in stock! Whew! The Lord is good!!

Planting more seed

When I went to the AC shop today, I was so amazed with opportunities to share the gospel with the owner/manager there as well! He is showing signs of genuine interest to get together to hear more, and visit our church service. Glory be to God! To God be all the glory and praise, from whom all blessings flow! Amen!

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