Miraculous healings

I heard today that the young man we prayed for at the hospital last Sunday afternoon was released the following day. He was confined in the hospital with a dangerous case of Dengue Fever, with his blood platelets going lower and lower. He said that when we prayed, he experienced heat in his body, and it was shaking. Later when he was checked, he was fine. Glory, glory hallelujah. We hopefully plan to follow up with a Bible study tomorrow with him, if able. May the Lord help him to be totally rescued, and planted in church fellowship, for the glory of God!

Tonight I heard of another amazing answer to prayer. One of the ladies here is nearing birth and has had placenta -previa for many months. They have been monitoring her pregnancy very closely because it is a very critical condition. Earlier today the body fluids were alarming, and the doctor was talking about possibly needing to do some urgent care procedures. By this afternoon, when she was checked again the baby had moved upward 2 cm, and there was no longer placenta previa. The fluids checked out to be in normal range, and the diagnosis was that she no longer needed urgent care. The Dr. was amazed!  Thank you Jesus! We hope and pray that the baby continues to move upward to the 10 cm range so that a C-Section is no longer mandatory. We know that God is able. Thank be to the Lord for hearing our prayers!

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