November 21

I dropped by ACE Hardware at the mall today to get some supplies, and chat a little with the manager who prayed to receive the Lord a few days ago.  Good news! He and his wife are interested to get back together with us for several hours this Saturday morning, if possible, and he is trying to take a half day off work to arrange for doing that. They are excited about reading the Purpose Driven Life books we gave to them. He told me that he has already read 50 pages on his breaks at work, and he really like it.  PTL!  He was so friendly…

Renewed Bible study interest. 

The last few days we ordered some supplies for our Balanti church building project at a local store where we used to have weekly Bible studies. They haven’t continued them this year much due to busy schedules. We found renewed interest in having Bible studies together, and are planning to meet there with them again at their home Saturday evening. PTL! When I dropped by again to make payment this evening, the owner was so friendly, and invited me into his house. We had a good time together, re-bonding and having fellowship exalting the Lord and truths of Scripture. He was the one who helped me recover my lost reading glasses a few years ago, and in the process of events wanted to  pray to receive the Lord and have Bible studies in his home with family and workers as well. (You may remember reading that story in the past).  That was such an amazing, miraculous answer to prayer!  I’m sure you would agree if I took the time to re-articulate the details. I’m so happy to be back in closer contact with them now! Glory to God!

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