Banking fun!

I needed to withdraw funds at the bank yesterday. The name of the lady who assisted me is “Joy”. I have the opportunity to share with her about the Lord, from time to time. Yesterday, while waiting, we had a few quick conversations. I asked her if she had ever studied about “joy” in the Bible. Apparently, she hadn’t. I told her it has a lot to say about it. I would like to talk more with her about it sometime. She asked me if I could do it now. I said, “sure”… and told her how when the angels announced the birth of Jesus they said they brought “glad tidings of great joy to all people”.  I told her the fruit of God’s spirit is “joy”, and “in His presence fullness of joy”. I gave her a “Light Brings Freedom” card and encouraged her to watch some of the videos on Youtube,. They talk a lot about joy, and the abundant life Jesus came to make available to us. When I stopped back by there today to make a deposit to Navigators for a bunch of “Bridge to Life” tracts they are sending, I had a Bible study of verses about joy along with me to give her, but she wasn’t working at the time… Hope to catch her with it later

Jona at the mall. This evening I got several pie pans for Colleen, that were needed as we prepare for Thanksgiving guests that are coming over for dinner tomorrow. When I went back to the mall to return them, because they weren’t the desired shape, Jona was the name of the lady who assisted me with the exchange. As we got to talking together, she showed interest in considering involvement in Bible study and gave me her phone # for follow up contact. What an amazing conversation we had. Although very brief, it was an opportunity to shine the gospel light, and she seemed very respectfully interested… PTL

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