What a wonderful celebration last night. Besides the wonderful food, we had a great time of sharing testimonies of thanksgiving. Here are a few special ones:


One of the grandma’s joined us. She has had around 5 strokes, and the last time was in the hospital in a comatose condition for a long time. Now she is functioning normally. She has accepted the Lord, and also been baptized. She was expressing thanks… PTL!

Hindu neighbor from Nepal

One of our guests was a neighbor we have been spending quite a bit of time with, recently.  He is doing his Dr’s internship training here. He was expressing thanks for the good food and loving, friendly times together… PTL!

Manager of Car Repair Shop

Over a year ago our car was parked alongside the road, and an armored vehicle lost control while passing by, and smashed into it. Thankfully no one was hurt. In the process of meeting and working with the repair shop we have arranged to fix it, the manager and his wife wanted to pray to receive the Lord, and have regular Bible studies.  He was one of our guests last night, and was talking about what a difference accepting the Lord has made in his personal life and business. PTL!

Pregnant Couples Rejoicing

We heard about some amazing answers to prayer regarding pregnancy issues.  PTL!

Backslider restored

Testimony of a man who had recently been running away from God, but who now has a restored relationship with the Lord and family. PTL!

Couple rejoicing to serve the Lord

Expressions of happiness and joy in serving and knowing the Lord, and the blessings of that. PTL!

Nigerian neighbor

After all the guests were gone, and while we were cleaning up and putting things away, another neighbor from Nigeria stopped by, and we were able to sit out on our porch for a while, and encourage him in his faith. He grew up in a minister’s home, but apparently hasn’t been faithfully continuing to wholeheartedly serve the Lord. He indicated an interest to come visit our church service this Sunday.  PTL!

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