Wonderful Bible studies & fellowship

Some outstanding Bible Studies and fellowship times today. One was at the car repair center, where one of our vehicles awaits restoration. The owner/manager and his wife are expressing renewed interest to have regular Bible studies there and looking forward to another one next week. PTL!


We were thrilled to hear continuation of life-change testimonies and praise to the Lord! They shared today about how previously, before accepting the Lord, they were going through some extremely difficult times, and major storms. He was even contemplating suicide and struggling with deep depression, stress, and anxiety. Now things are so different. The wife has been shocked that her husband now wants Bible studies, and is interested in the Bible! Of course, she is delighted! Their lives and business are going well now, and they are so grateful! We watched the Light Brings Freedom video “Rooted in Christ” #16 (accessible on youtube: lightbringsfreedom.com) and had some very interesting and meaningful discussions about the importance of maintaining strong roots systems in our lives.

New Job

In another  Bible study, there was praise for a special answer to prayer, as one of them was offered a job following an interview on the phone today. He was so happy! He has been looking for a suitable job for a number of months. He also shared how the Lord is helping him to be an overcomer, and continue to faithfully serve the Lord now. A month or two ago he wasn’t in good condition spiritually and running away from God, but now things are so different! PTL!


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