Manager attends church

A few days ago I visited the manager of the hardware store who prayed to receive the Lord a few weeks ago. He is noticing a big difference in his life, and he and his wife attended an evangelical church last Sunday near where they live, for the first time. As we briefly shared together, he seems very respectful, and eager and open to learn more. We are planning another lunchtime together tomorrow. I invited them to come to our service this Sunday, so we can have more time together. I hope it works out…

Reading the word

He said as he started reading the Bible that I gave him, tears came to his eyes on his bed. I encouraged him to read the book of John, for us to discuss together.


He is also considering several work applications referrals. Their store has a need for more workers, and several men in our congregation need work. This could be a huge blessing, as a result of our close contact with this key person! PTL!

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