Overcoming evil with good

I heard a very interesting testimony today from a College professor, who is part of our church fellowship. Recently, when students were evaluating their teachers, she got a poor rating due to a malicious attack on her due to her policies and principles of character training. They didn’t like her strictness, not allowing cheating on tests, etc. The professor was quite troubled about it because her ratings previously had been very high. She’s the head of her department. It was humiliating and difficult. She was tempted to get even with them, retaliate, and seek revenge.

the lords wisdom and help

As she fasted and prayed about the problem, the Lord gave her the grace to be loving, and the wisdom to return good to those who had treated her wrong. She was able to have some open communication with them, and they became openly appreciative and respectful of her righteous stands. Her persecutors asked forgiveness, and one of the leaders even gave her a hug. It could have continued to be a huge, difficult problem but it worked together for good, and now things are peaceful and good in the classroom. PTL!

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