Praise reports

I heard some wonderful testimonies today in several of the Bible studies about the amazing difference Jesus is making in their lives. PTL!


A young man was so thankful about the huge change that has happened. His lifestyle is so different now, compared to what it was like before. Now he is delighted to know, serve, and obey the Lord. 

An old man shared how his life has changed, and how priceless and valuable the gospel message is. He used to be a drunkard. Now he no longer drinks, feels good, and is happy and joyful. He is currently assisting us with the building construction of our outreach church across the river.


In our Bible study last week we prayed for a young boy who had been struggling with sickness for quite some time. His father was giving praise today because within 2 days he was well, and is doing fine now. PTL!

A mother was giving praise for the Lord answering prayer for her son, who was bitten by a cobra snake while working out in the field. He was comatose in the hospital for 3 days. It was a very expensive problem. The Lord healed her son and also provided the 1/2 million pesos needed that were needed. He’s back to work in the field now. PTL!

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