Precious souls

A few days ago I had a fresh contact with a man we haven’t seen for awhile. He was riding his pedal tricycle, collecting re-cycles in our neighborhood as I was driving past. He and his family have been in and out of church fellowship over the past number of years, but we haven’t had much communication for a long time. When I invited him to drop by our house he did, and we had a good talk together. He told me he plans to attend our afternoon service this Sunday with his son. I hope and pray that he follows through, and gets back on track. He has been attending services with a cult fellowship group, which is dreadful. 

video about heaven and hell

When I invited him into our house to watch a video about the sobering reality of heaven and hell, he came in and we watched it together. May the Lord use it to help his eyes to become more open to eternal truth, and the importance of faithfully continuing to serve the Lord all the days of our life…

every soul is precious

In God’s eyes every soul is precious. He is not willing that anyone perish. May we value people as He does, and help rescue them while there is still time…

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