Sharing testimonies

When the Lord does awesome things, it is a joy to share with others His marvelous works. When the Lord recently healed a young man of Dengue fever (see recent post for more details) it’s been fun to share about His awesome answers to prayer in our witnessing, and to give Him praise. 

Witnessing to hindu man

When I shared this testimony with our Hindu neighbor we have been witnessing to, it was very impactive. His eyes lighted up and he exclaimed: “that’s great!” He is a Dr. Intern who is doing his practicum at a local hospital near here this year. He seems to have a sincere heart to help people physically, so I trust and pray that this story was especially meaningful to him. I hope that it will help him to become more open to the gospel, and impress him deeply with the true and living God that we serve, who hears and answers prayer.

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