Jail ministry

We have regular weekly ministry times at the provincial jail here in our area. They are grateful for our consistent ministry efforts. There are often good reports of lives changed and spiritual growth in the evangelism and discipleship training times there. 


One of our pastors reported that yesterday there were between 40-50 in attendance at their service in the chapel there. Some of them had already accepted the Lord, and are being discipled. Some were also given the opportunity to receive Jesus as their Savior.

In that setting they have a lot of extra time on their hands, so many are reading Bibles and the Purpose Driven Life books given. 

One of the prisoners was recently released, and is now active in the Bible studies of a local church near where he lives.

Another prisoner who has accepted the Lord while in prison is hoping to be released soon, and reunited with his family before Christmas. 


Please pray with us for prisoners who have accepted the Lord in prison, that they will continue to faithfully serve the Lord when released, and not return to their old life as they experience more freedom…. 

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