Lady with failing kidney

Within the last several weeks I visited in the home of a lady that was very sick. She had been very nauseous and throwing up food when she tried to eat.  As we prayed for her, there seemed to immediate improvement, especially in her facial expressions and eyes. One of the neighbors who accompanied us to her house also prayed for her, even though that wasn’t something he normally did and may have been his first time to personally and passionately intercede for someone sick like that.  He was so delighted and joyful afterward, as he personally experienced the thrill of being a channel of blessing, as he reflected on what a difference it had made in her countenance.

continued prayer

Although there was not a miraculous, and instantaneous healing of her critical condition at that time, we continue to hope and pray. We know that Jesus, who is a wonderful miracle worker and Great Physician is able to raise her back up with a glorious healing testimony for His glory, Lord hear our prayers!

Physical battle

Shortly after we were there in her home praying for her, she was rushed to the hospital and given blood. The physical battle continues. Please intercede with us for her life…

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