Precious souls (Part 2)

(This is a continuation of a recent journal entry titled “Precious Souls”).  When the recycle man and his son came to our house last Sunday to go with us to one of the services, we were delighted! They seemed to really enjoy the service. While driving home, the son (13 years old) expressed interest to be baptized. I invited them to stay for a while longer when we got back home to help explain more about it.f

rescue mission

Knowing that they have been attending the services of a major cult group, it also gave us an opportunity to expose some of the erroneous teachings and deception in the cult. They seemed to really appreciate and welcome our concerns.

divine encounter

While driving them back to their house, recycle man mentioned several times that it was no coincidence that we are back in closer contact. He seemed to really appreciate the concern for him and his family, although he acknowledged he had been trying to hide from me because he was ashamed. I affirmed our loving concerns, and sincere desire to be as helpful to them as possible. I hope and pray that there will be regular, weekly  Bible studies resumed once again with their family.

water baptism anticipated

He and his son came to our men’s Christmas breakfast yesterday. Following the breakfast, they came over to our house again for some more time together. We continue to expose them to the erroneous teachings of the cult they had become involved with. We were also able to help prepare the son for water baptism. We hope to baptize him before the end of the year. They came to our Sunday service today, as well. They seem very sincere. PTL!

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