More souls

Yesterday at one of our Bible studies there were 3 young ladies who attended. Several of them wanted to pray to receive the Lord, and Bibles as well. This Bible study was following up on newly revived interest in a home where we used to have regular Bible studies. Because of work schedule complications, a death in the family, and disinterest, regular Bible studies there discontinued for a number of years. They are desiring to have it again! PTL! We were delighted when the young ladies were interested to come to Bible study as well, and hear about Jesus! It was also delightful when the mother asked for 10 “Bridge to Life” tracts, hoping to witness to more of their family and friends this week. Glory, glory hallelujah! 

christmas celebration

At a ladies Christmas party at our new church construction area in Balanti, we were amazed at the turn-out. This is a church under construction (which had no windows, or doors installed, and no kitchen or restrooms yet). There were close to 50 in attendance! As the gospel was presented, according to the report it sounds like there could have been more than a dozen new ladies in attendance who wanted to pray to receive the Lord! Some of them had tears in their eyes… PTL!

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