More souls (cont.)

This morning we talked on the phone to one of the ladies in our fellowship who needed to make an emergency trip back home last week. Her mom was in the hospital in critical condition, following a stroke. It’s a long distance away, and it took around 2 days of bus and boat transportation to get there.

Now is the Accepted Time

Apparently, her mom had been quite resistant to the gospel previously. The daughter reached the hospital in time to still communicate with her mom before she passed away. She was rejoicing today as she gave us the joyful report that her mom wanted to pray with her to receive the Lord, and was still able to do it before her demise! PTL! What an amazing answer to prayer! Not only was her mom interested to accept Jesus as Savior, but apparently a number of other patients at the hospital as well! Glory, glory hallelujah! God is faithful and loving, and not willing that any perish…

Youth Camp Report

This evening we heard an exciting report from one of our BTTI pastors. He oversaw 17 delegates from their church as they joined with youth from other churches in their area at a special youth camp between Christmas and New Years. A number of them had not yet prayed to receive Jesus, and they accepted the Lord at camp! Eight of them! They came to church last Sunday, and gave testimonies! Even one of the mothers attended! Glory glory hallelujah! We give the Lord praise!

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