Bible study testimonies

Last night I was at a Bible Study with a family (father, mother, 2 daughters and their son). The mother said that since they started having Bible studies in their home she has noticed a big difference in her life. PTL! She was baptized 3 times before in several false religious systems but is now indicating a sincere interest in wanting us to assist her to be re-baptized, now that she understands it better.

21-st Birthday!

It was their sons 21st birthday. I noticed several note-worthy things. Many young men on their memorable 21st birthday choose to be out partying and drinking. I was very impressed with this young man’s willing desire to be at a Bible study in his home on his birthday. They had saved their beautiful cake for a refreshment time following the Bible study, and honored me with the 1st piece of it. They all seemed to enjoy our Christ-centered time together in their home, the Lord be praised! 

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