Bold witness

Recently I shared a journal entry about a widow woman in our fellowship who was able to pray with her mom and lead her to the Lord before she passed away. Today, at a Bible study with some of her family in their home she gave more testimony and praise.

Acts 1:8

Jesus said, “you will receive after the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you shall be witnesses unto me…”

Let Your Light Shine

Apparently, her relatives are amazed by how different she is now! She is a bold, fiery little evangelist! Today she excitedly shared testimony and praise for probably at least 20 minutes or so, going on and on about the joy and excitement of being able to share the Lord with her family. 5 of her relatives wanted to pray to receive the Lord, even in the midst of persecution! She seems like a quiet, sweet little lady that would tend to be more timid. When it comes to witnessing she is an amazing little fireball of dynamite! Today she not only wanted more tracts to share following our Bible study time, but I was amazed when her son-in-law also asked for 10 tracts to share, too! Obviously, he was greatly inspired by her testimony and example, and wants to share with his family, too! Cool! PTL!

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