Jail ministry

I heard some exciting testimonies from our jail ministry team a few days ago. Recently we sent 10 copies of Pastor Jack Swartwood’s book “I Am An Encourager” along for the inmates to read. They have been so excited about it, and are wanting to put it into practice there. Since there weren’t enough copies, they have been passing it around and asking for more books so they could have their own personal copy. We sent 10 more Tagalog copies of the book this week, and they still need more. They reserved a few of them to also share to the woman’s side of the prison. Although we currently don’t have a women’s ministry there, it could help open the door for ministry to the women as well as men. They love to have it available in the Tagalog Version. We might need to make another Tagalog printing before long, since our supply is getting low. I asked how many prisoners were excited about it, and it sounded like there might have been at least a dozen or so…

One of the prisoners has a bad case of cataracts that make it very difficult for him to read, but he read the whole book and was very appreciative of it. Pastor Jack would be surprised if he were able to go there and see how highly he is esteemed and known among the inmates for his excellent book. (If any of you would like a copy of it, please let us know and we would be happy to assist you in making an order.) It is a very excellent, and helpful book! People here in the PI love Pastor Jack’s practical and easy to understand writing style.

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