Soldier receives the Lord

A number of years a young child in our neighborhood attended our fellowship gatherings. Due to some family issues, he discontinued coming and we haven’t seen much of him if any, for around 12 years. He is now a soldier in the army, is preparing to be an officer, and plans to make the armed service his career.

Bible Study

I was very surprised several nights ago when he attended one of our weekly Bible studies. He has maintained contact with one of his childhood friends in the youth group and responded to his invitation to come. It was a delight to see his respectful openness, and what seemed to be a sincere desire to hear the gospel and pray to receive the Lord.

He seemed happy to renew contact with us. His grandpa, who is no longer alive, has been my good friend and neighbor for many years. He embraced me several times before he left. Amazing! May the Lord hear our prayers for him that he not only makes a fresh start, but is willing to continue to seek and serve the Lord in the midst of his challenging environment!

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