Radiator repair

Yesterday we had an important dinner appointment here in Manila. On the way here, the engine in our car became very hot, and we discovered some bad radiator leaks! The fluid in our radiator was very low, although we had checked and filled it prior to our trip.

What a dilemma! We didn’t have time to return all the way home to get another vehicle. We cried out to the Lord for help! We needed to make it to our appointment, and didn’t want anything to stop us.

We made it a little further down the road to a service station safely and filled up the radiator again. We also bought several big bottles of water hoping to at least keep limping along with it, knowing we would probably need to refill multiple times along the way, but still planning to press on. However, Manila’s congested traffic patterns are never a desirable place to pull over to fix vehicle problems, to say the least!

We checked several nearby places for ‘barsleak’ radiator additive to help stop the leaks, but couldn’t find any. We were almost ready to leave the service station when a mechanic walked up. When he checked our radiator, he instructed me to buy some “Mighty Bond” glue at a nearby store, and assured me he could fix it ok. He cleaned the leaky areas, then mixed the glue with some nearby sand to strengthen it and plastered it on the leaks. He assured me it would then be ok for the trip, told me not to put the radiator cap back on to avoid pressure, and off we went.

Sure enough, we made it safely with no more problems with the engine heating up! PTL!! What an amazing answer to prayer! It was very timely! Our dinner engagement was an obvious divine appointment, and it would have been dreadful to miss it due to a major, time-consuming vehicle breakdown! God is good!

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