Publishing the Word

Ps. 68:11 – The Lord gave the Word; great (a great army) was the company (host/thousands) of those that published (proclaim/bring the good news) it.

I believe that verse refers to ‘greatness’ in several different ways. It not only refers to the great number of people who unite together to share the gospel throughout the world. I believe it’s also true that those who publish God’s Word are considered truly great in God’s eyes, no matter how humble or few in number.

My sister and brother-in-law, Jack and Grace Swartwood are obviously among some of those great people! They have written many inspirational and helpful devotional books that have blessed many people and encouraged the church.

We would like to see the major investments of their time and effort to write books and publish God’s Word continue to be multiplied. Within the last several days I have had several appointments with key people at an executive level in a very large publishing company here in Manila. We are checking out the potential interest and ability to publish some of Pastor Jack’s writings, and distribute them throughout Asia. There seems to be some very positive interest in them, and they are willing to carefully evaluate the possibilities of doing that! PTL! How exciting!

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