As you will note in the above picture, measles made headlines here in the PI last Friday.

Presidential Order

President Duterte has “ordered a more intensified campaign for the complete immunization of children”. He “urged Filipinos, especially parents of newborns, to have their children vaccinated…”


As you carefully evaluate that question, please watch some of these helpful videos and then come up with your own conclusions. These are coming from a respected Dr.’s perspective, a pharmaceutical expert, and the parents of vaccine damaged victims…

Please take the time to observe and consider. Answering a matter before taking time to carefully hear it is not wise, but foolish. Personally, I thought a very well respected Dr. (who works with autism recovery patients) saying that he wouldn’t recommend any vaccine because the risks are too great is noteworthy, to say the least!  

Crippled Child Here is a link to a testimonial of a pregnant mother who was vaccinated, which caused a stroke and crippling of her child while still in the womb, and very negative life long consequences.

TRIPLET VACCINE INJURIES This heart-rending story of the parents of triplets is tragic. All three of them were healthy and interactive, and all 3 of them immediately after vaccination experienced a traumatic change and are autistic. (From the same vaccine that another baby had lost it’s life from!).

Additional Videos  Here comes: Truth about Vaccines documentary EpisodeThe Official Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth Trailer Sherry Tenpenny King of Vaccines tells truth (exposure) #TheHighWire#AskDrSears#TheVaccineReaction Debunking Measles Mania with Dr. Bob Sears                                  I refuse to vaccinate anyone Truth vs. Lies About Flu Vaccines *Updated Dr. John Bergman Delaying MMR Isn’t Enough Vaxxed Documentary Explored with Filmmakers on Antidote The Truth About Vaccines Docu-series Episode 1 (especially note significant story at timeline 54:32-58:04 of Laura Hayes, (mother of a vaccine brain-injured child who is now 22 years old) saying “if I had one do-over in life? There would be no vaccines for any of my children!” Helpful research relating to subject and the harm being done


Is there reason to sound the alarm to be guarded to well-intending and loving parents who are not aware of the dangers? Is the “well-child care” program that mandates lots of vaccines to everyone a good thing, or potentially a deceptive evil?

Obviously, we all have the right and privilege to make your own personal choices. Along with that, we should also recognize that there are resulting consequences, either good or bad. In Proverbs, it says that in the multitude of counselors there is safety. Wisdom is profitable to direct. If we were to answer or make decisions without listening or being willing to hear the truth it would be foolish and bring shame.

Parents and grandparents are concerned about the health and safety of their children and grandchildren and want the very best for them, whatever that is. What is it?

Happy Young Mother

A mother of young children writes: “Over and over again I am SO thankful I have not given our youngest any shots. He has been my healthiest baby and I have heard and read about so many horror vaccine stories. When I was trying to find a new naturopathic clinic for checkups I talked with the receptionist about not wanting to vaccinate him. She told me that she was convinced that vaccines were horrible after her own daughter’s 1 year vaccines. They really negatively affected her and she had to re-learn certain words and things that she had already known. I can’t remember everything she said but when you hear stories like that it opens your eyes.”

What an encouraging, receptive response to report to those who are wise and alert. PTL!

First-hand Testimonials

We have been exposed to numerous testimonials by those who used to be very supportive of regularly scheduled routine vaccines in the past, but now have vehemently changed their viewpoint after their own dreadful, and personal experiences.

For instance, a professional nurse was widely schooled in the medical field and taught that vaccines were safe. She thought that anyone with a different viewpoint than that was crazy and uneducated. She was extremely committed & dedicated to taking vaccines until she had 3 different vaccines affect her in a very negative & terrible way, herself. Even her Dr. confirmed that her violent physical reaction was definitely vaccine related. Now she doesn’t want to have anything to do with vaccines anymore!

A worthy question would be – do we need to learn the hard way, through our own personal experiences, or can we wisely learn from the experiences of others, and avoid these kinds of tragic consequences?


The enemy seems to appeal to peoples fears, which motivates them toward destructive practices even while attempting to avoid destruction. Jesus said that our enemy the devil is out to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10) He said that in the last days men’s hearts would fail them for fear. (Lu. 21:26) The Bible says that God does not give us the spirit of fear, but power, love, and a sound mind (2 Tim. 1:7).


Measles isn’t generally a fatal disease. It runs its course in 3 days or so with children and then they become naturally immune from it for the rest of their life. Their bodies and immune systems build natural immunity for a lifetime.


These issues are major battle-fronts, but many don’t recognize them as such. It’s not so much an issue of pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine. It has to do with being pro-life and health, and anti-destruction! May the Lord help us to avoid any potential pitfalls with our precious young. Ostrich’s do not solve anything by burying their head in the sand to hide when facing trouble. We have got to keep alert and face it – and overcome in Jesus name.

Who Cares?

What about the hundreds and hundreds of vaccine injured victims? What kind of news coverage are they getting? Who cares about the innocent unborn having a vaccine-induced stroke and paralysis, or the rampant abortions, or the weak and helpless children, or the tragic stories of fatalities and autistic behaviors that are plaguing many families worldwide? God cares! Let’s be workers together with Him, and share His concerns.

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