Radiator repair (cont. 3)

We went on another long approx. 7-8 hour trip this week. We expected the car to work fine, since we had replaced the radiator before going on the trip (see last week entry).

However, we found that we needed to keep re-filling the radiator over and over, even though the temperature gauge indicated low temperatures. Upon returning, I asked the radiator shop about it, thinking they must have given us a bad radiator.

We found that our temperature gauge was broken! (See actual gauge pic above). Obviously, our engine had been overheating when we thought everything was fine. Somewhere along the line, a blown head gasket problem had developed, along with a hole in the engine block, so our car is now in the shop under repair again.


We give the Lord praise once again for his protection and help on our trip last week. We were traveling steep hills. We were able to travel into the night Friday evening, without having a major breakdown. We got home safely in spite of that problem, where we are now getting the engine repaired more easily.

God is good! PTL!

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